Chad and Ellen Chastain

Posted On: May 05, 2017

After the great news of expecting a second child, the last thing we wanted to hear is that our AC completely died. Soon enough we got the news that our whole system needed to be replaced duct work and all. So we started borrowing window units and asking for recommendations from friends. We ended up with a list of ten different companies and contractors. After two weeks of research and gathering quotes, we narrowed it down to Enjoy and two other well respected AC companies. All had similar quotes but Enjoys honest answers and their true interest in helping easily won us over. The work they did was way above our expectations and above any company just looking to collect a paycheck. The quality of installation was superb. We were looking to qualify for the Florida Energy Efficiency rebate program, therefore we had a duct leakage test after installation and passed with flying colors. Other AC companies said it would be impossible but Enjoy did it! Not only is their work great quality but their attitudes are those of a helpful neighbor. (They even told us about a broken joist under our kitchen) We have recommended them to everyone we know that needs AC work and we’re glad that we had friends that recommended them to us.

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What People Are Saying About EnJoy Heating & Cooling
EnJoy was very thorough with our new system and took time to make sure everything was done perfectly. The whole experience was great and I will recommend them to our friends and family in the future.
- Shelley E.